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Standards for BioPharma Content Classification


Interoperable Archives


Customizable electronic content filing plans


Support for Digital signatures

At CareLex™ we are addressing the content interoperability problems of the clinical trials industry.

Our mission is to improve information interoperability in health sciences to accelerate delivery of new therapies to patients.  To achieve this, we actively partner with the BioPharmaceutical industry, researchers, contract research organizations (CROs), technology experts, allied professionals, and government regulators to develop and manage open source disruptive technologies and advance global standards for clinical trials data interoperability.

We develop content models and data models that are readily adaptable by clinical trials researchers, independent of a particular computer language, operating system, or software application.

CareLex™ is a not-for-profit social enterprise which is publically funded through its members, sponsors, fees for service, and grants.

eTMF-standard-tm-346x200eTMF Standards Initiative – Introduction and Overview


Join CareLex today and help us to define the future of BioPharma content classification

CareLex.org members get exclusive access to events, to industry leadership opportunities, networking and more. CareLex is a non-profit public benefit organization formed to develop and promote technology standards for BioPharma content classification and management.  Join today!


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